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BBR MX-5 ND Stage 1 Turbo 2.0


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(2.0-litre ND models only inc RF) +87bhp & 83lb.ft

The ultimate forced induction package for the 2.0 MX-5 ND

BBR has extensive experience of turbocharging MX-5 engines since the late 1980’s, this latest development completes our portfolio of turbo upgrades for four generations of Mazda’s iconic sportscar.

The key element of the Stage 1 turbo upgrade is the utilisation of a bespoke latest generation twin-scroll turbocharger. The BBR twin-scroll turbocharger features  billet compressor wheel and lightweight, low inertia turbine in a compact internally wastegated assembly. This works in perfect harmony with the Mazda SKYACTIV-G engine’s ultra-efficient ethos, resulting in a highly efficient and responsive forced induction solution, with enhanced exhaust scavenging working as the original 4-2-1 Mazda SKYACTIV-G exhaust manifold.

The all-new ‘Stage 1’ turbocharger upgrade package increases power to a stunning 248 bhp at 7150 rpm, allied to an impressive 236 lb.ft of torque at just 3250 rpm. 0-60 mph time is slashed to 5.0 seconds, top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph, a consequence of its impressive 233 bhp per ton power to weight ratio.

Cleverly designed to install without intrusive mechanical or body alterations, the BBR Stage 1 turbocharger upgrade is straightforward to fit and reverse should clients wish to revert their car to standard or transfer the conversion at any time.

Key components of the BBR Stage 1 Turbo include:-

  • BBR bespoke twin scroll hybrid TSX30-71R turbocharger including jet turbine specification fixings
  • BBR bespoke cast iron twin scroll exhaust manifold
  • BBR stainless steel downpipe
  • BBR high-flow lightweight front mounted aluminium intercooler with factory look black intake pipes
  • BBR high-flow custom silicone turbo pipes in factory look black finish with stainless steel hose clamps and unique black coating
  • BBR lightweight aluminium battery tray in factory black finish
  • BBR Recirculating piston type dump valve in factory black finish
  • BBR / Bosch MAP / Temperature sensor
  • BBR high efficiency carbon fibre turbocharger heat shield
  • BBR high flow K&N Typhoon induction kit
  • BBR stainless steel oil and water lines
  • BBR Starchip EcuTek RaceRom calibration software

Available now, the Mazda MX-5 ND Stage 1 turbo package is priced at £4995.00 including ‘drive in, drive out’ installation at BBR’s Brackley premises by its qualified technicians and dyno power graph (A DIY version, including all hardware and software is also available priced at £4395.00).

Please note due to shipping restrictions a replacement standard sized battery is required (not included) in DIY purchases – Battery type is 159 available for approx. £50. This is included and supplied on an exchange basis for all fitted conversions.

For complete peace of mind BBR offers 12 to 36-month extendable warranty packages for Stage 1 customers.

Please note that it will take up to 4 weeks to dispatch goods depending on workload. 





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MX-5 ND (15 on)


2015, 2016, ALL


I already have a BBR ProEcu programing cable, I need a BBR ProEcu programming cable (+£200)


My vehicle does not have i-Eloop, My vehicle does have i-Eloop – Need additional parts (+£175)

Electronic Boost Control

New Electronic Boost Control Option (£195), No Electronic Boost Control Option

4 reviews for BBR MX-5 ND Stage 1 Turbo 2.0

  1. Rated 5 out of 5



    I deliberated about turbocharging the car for quite some time concerned that it would either feel turbo’d (lag / boost) or be too much for the rest of the car. I test drove Neil’s demonstrator and was convinced that my fears were unfounded – the car feels remarkably normal – but quick.

    I opted to go with the DIY kit and boost control valve. The DIY decision was primarily for convenience as I wasn’t bothered to spend two weekends driving to and from BBR. The DIY install is really straightforward and even taken at a steady pace and done on axle stands it took <20 hours. Probably not for a total novice but no more difficult than changing brake disks and pads. The installation is tight in places but looks pretty much like original Mazda except for the carbon fibre heat shield.

    Driving impressions. Very good. I have had to change my driving style from full throttle acceleration to a more measured approach as you would in any powerful car. The power comes in smoothly and there is no sudden torque spike to unsettle anything. When on the move you tend not to use gears below fourth as the car feels so flexible. Accelleration is third is pretty brisk but you end up with a lot of revs on – acceleration in fourth is similarly brisk but you don't sound like you are trying nearly as hard. Fourth is a very flexible and fun gear on a back road.

    You don't really appreciate the performance step change until in mixed traffic where the car just feels much more capable. Overtaking is safe and easy. Motorway driving is easy with loads of flexibility in sixth and strong acceleration available in fifth. It is easy to surprise supposedly faster cars – eg BMW 135i or Boxsters… I am on stock tyre size (Michelin Pilot Sport 4) and have no traction issues.

    Fuel consumption is whatever you want it to be. I'm averaging about 5% down on standard (34 mpg versus 36) but that is largely dependent on how you drive. I have got 44mpg on a long motorway run. I have seen <20mpg on a cross county squirt.

    Downsides? Very few so far. Slight idle fluctuations with the aircon switched on (I think Neil is working a fix for this).

    The car is transformed in to something with the potential to go much faster. I wouldn't recommend this upgrade without upgrading the suspension. Stock brakes are probably fine though I can recommend the Wilwood four pots as giving a nicer pedal feel and more confidence from cold.

    A very impressive upgrade. Can't wait for the summer.

    • BBR GTi

      Hi Adam. Many thank for your valued feedback, happy BBR motoring!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5



    Does it have any benefit to pair with your cams or springs?
    That might increase end torque thus peak hp, or with forced induction already maxed out capabilities with the OEM parts?

    • BBR GTi

      Hi Our cams will help with top end power, however the cylinder head ports are a limiting factor.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Martin Duca

    I just had a turbo stuck in under my MX5 RF’s bonnet …Just went and picked it up this week.
    At first I could not do much as I headed home, 3 hour journey on the motor way. All I could do was put my foot down while doing 70 and before I could count to five I was already doing a 100… and that’s on 6th gear! …. Not that I really did, I was just guessing I never do more then 70 mph on the motor way.
    Now I had some time to drive it on normal roads and it really puts a smile on your face.
    Takes a few moments to get used to it, before I just buried the throttle coming out of a corner now I have to be more gentle when accelerating.
    I also changed the springs, lowered it a bit, didn’t change the ride comfort but got rid of a lot of body roll in the corners… just feels like a go-kart with loads of power.
    Go and put one in, see Neil…thoroughly nice bloke ( so is his dog ) tell him Martin send you.

    • BBR GTi

      Hi Martin, Great to hear from you! we are really happy to hear that you are enjoying your car!! Kind regards BBR Team

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    YaoNing Chan

    Good day~~

    I am very happy to see this turbo kit announcement.

    But I have question ,is this turbo kit can install with automatic transaxle ??

    • BBR GTi

      Hi YaoNing, Our Turbo Conversion is compatible with automatic models.

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