Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Booked In At Your Workshop, What Do I Need To Bring / What Fuel?

To make sure your booking goes as smoothly as it can please bring the following:

  • Locking Wheel Nut Adapter

Please make sure your vehicle has premium fuel in if you are having a conversion / dyno runs.

  • Tesco Momentum (Recommended – Tesco Opposite BBR)
  • Shell V-Power
  • BP Ultimate

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept:

  • Debit / Credit Cards
  • PayPal (surcharge applied)
  • Bank Transfer

Do You Ship Internationally?

We can ship worldwide, please give us a call to get an estimated shipping cost

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

We endeavour to ship all placed orders within 5 working days. In some (rare) cases this may be up to 20 working days, should this be the case you will be notified.


Once dispatched you will receive tracking information and your item in most cases will reach you in 3 – 5 days.

Are You Developing A Turbo For The ND MX-5 / Mazda 3?

We are indeed, you can take a look here!

The Mazda 3 variation on the turbo charged conversion we are hoping to launch in 2017.

I've Received A EcuTek Package From Yourself But There Is No Map?

For security we do not send out our maps with the hardware.

Please email us at once you have received your hardware.

Should I Purchase a 1.5 or 2.0 Mazda MX-5 ND?

While we cannot tell you which vehicle to purchase we would recommend the 2.0. The price difference between the 2 models in the UK is £800 and the performance gained cannot be matched for this price.

Common Myths

The Mazda MX-5 3.5 NC Has A Stronger Engine

Not True

From our extensive testing at BBR we have found that the conrods are infact the weakest component in the engine which are found in all variants (3/3.5/3.75).

However, the 3.5 (09+) has a forged crankshaft and uprated valve springs. The 3.75 variant is purely aesthetic with no mechanical differences.

The Mazda MX-5 1.8 Engine Is Weak?

Not True


We have found the engine components are the same quality as found in the 2.0 engine.